My name is Jim Costello & I enjoy listening to good Jazz.

Every Sunday from 1500 to 1700 hours GMT I host ‘The Jazz Show’ at an online radio station called Harbour Radio.  You can listen to us via the web site http://www.harbourradio.org.uk or through the mobile app Tune-In.

It’s all my mum’s fault really.  She worked at an outdoor swimming pool at High Beech near Loughton Essex; she was in charge of changing the 78rpm records to make sure everyone there had a good time listening to music.  She was the DJ.  Her love of music permeated down to me.

At school we had a music station and, of course I volunteered to ‘spin’ the records.  We had progressed to vinyl by then and it was a treat to choose the latest releases for the rest of the boys to enjoy in the school play ground.

My tastes in music were varied and it was not too long before I discovered the wonders of Jazz.  The magical names of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington seemed like gods with their marvellous photos on the covers of the 12″ LPs, and the wonderful sounds coming out of those tiny grooves.  Wow!!

Ten years ago I was asked to present a request programme on the local hospital radio station.  Some of the choices were not to my taste, but when patients couldn’t think of a selection I played MY favourite Jazz tracks.  I found I still enjoyed ‘working’ with music and when I was asked to get involved with Harbour Radio I didn’t take much persuading.

My tastes today are still varied.  This is reflected in the music I play.  I try and keep listeners interested by inviting studio guests to participate in the shows and having regular Jazz themed features.  Just recently I played ’10 Jazz Albums to Hear Before You Die’, ‘The Music of Stan Getz’ and ‘Great Jazz From Monterey’.

By making people aware of the variety of Jazz that is now available I aim to ‘spread the gospel’ and hope listeners can enjoy some really good music.